Aloette Charlotte Consultant Agreement
Welcome to the Aloette of Charlotte Dream Team! PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING:

Please fill out the information below completely.

Once you complete and submit this form, we will contact you for more personal information such as social security number and credit card payment information, as well as your Direct Deposit information, so get excited and be looking for a call from us! You may also provide this information to your recruiter at the time you fill out this form, or call our office at the number below to go ahead and provide the information.

You will receive a welcome email from our office once your kit agreement is processed with important information.

Reach out if you need help or have questions to your recruiter or our Aloette office:
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8. Date of Launch Party: This is a date picked by you and your recruiter (or her manager) to launch your business to family and friends, and you will receive hostess benefits as well as all of the clients, recruits and parties (if you want to do them) that come from this party! *
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10. Choose your website name*:
No matter how you want to market Aloette in your life, a website is a must have tool!
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*Your Replicated website allows you to be discoverable on (our corporate website) as a consultant to receive credit for orders and commissions. It is how you login to your consultant back office to place orders, and it also allows you to set up online ordering, invites and product links for social media, text, email, etc.
After your first 30 days, your website is $15/month, billed on the 15th of each month with the card we have on file. You are not charged for your website until the 15th of the month following the month you join (ex: if you join March 8th, you aren't charged for your site until April 15th). Contact our office with any questions.
My three website name choices: (just give 3 options you would like for your name, with a comma between each one. Keep your name simple and make it something easy for customers to remember) *
Beauty Club Opportunity
Beauty Club members are the VIPs of Aloette! Sign up for the Bi-Monthly Subscription service to try new products, explore tips and tricks, and enjoy exclusive discounts on new products and best sellers. Each package is $100 in retail products for $34.95+tax/handling. We will use your card on file for your subscription.

Beauty Club is charged on the 1st of the month, and you receive your package by the 15th of the month. It is charged and shipped the following months: February, April, June, August, October, December.

You can cancel Beauty Club at any time. You must cancel Beauty Club 10 days before the next shipment by emailing Additionally, to add Beauty Club at a later date, you must email no later than 5 days before the next shipment, or your subscription will start with the following club.
Would you like to join Beauty Club? *
13. Choose your Consultant kit! *
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14. Kit Delivery
Your Consultant Kit will ship directly to you for $15, or $7.95 if you joined with the My Aloette Kit, to the address provided above. Aloette is not responsible for kit if shipped to incorrect address due to error in information given from you in this application.
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Kit Payment: Our office will be in touch with you to complete your agreement and gather your kit payment information. Please be expecting their call. We will need your social security number, and direct deposit information. Your agreement is not complete until we speak to you. If there is any other information we need to know, please note below:
Consultant Agreement:
I. By submitting this application, THE BEAUTY CONSULTANT AGREES:

-That the Beauty Consultant kit purchase is NON REFUNDABLE.
-To sell and deliver, or instruct Franchise to deliver products to the ultimate consumer only and not to others for resale or discounted internet venues (ie. NO eBay selling allowed)
-To present all Aloette Products and information about an Aloette Career in an honest, sincere and truthful manner and to hold Franchise and Aloette Cosmetics, Inc. (“Company”) harmless from any damages resulting from any misrepresentation made.
-To file all reports and information required by law and to follow all federal, state, provincial, and local laws applicable to Aloette business and status as an independent contractor, and to assume all liability for Self-Employment and income taxes due on income and incentives earned in connection with Aloette business.
-To project and maintain the highest standards of integrity, honesty and responsibility in dealing with Customers, Hostesses, fellow Beauty Consultants, Managers, The Franchise and The Company.
-Not to: adulterate or alter Aloette products in any way; reveal or use Aloette trade secrets as to operating procedures in any way other than in connection with Aloette business; use the Aloette trademark or trade names in any type of advertising (except those provided by Aloette) without prior written approval from the Franchise and Company; nor incur any debt or obligation on behalf of the Franchise or Aloette Cosmetics, Inc.
-Not to: Work for any other company promoting skincare, cosmetics or other products similar to Aloette at the time you are receiving discounts/commissions from Aloette. You understand that if you choose to work for a similar company to Aloette you may immediately lose your consultant status.
-To place at least a $200sv retail order every year and have a valid Aloette Replicated Website to remain an active Independent Aloette Consultant in order to receive commissions and discounts, OR with no replicated website to place at least $200sv orders every quarter (with a quarter grace period) to remain an active consultant to receive commissions and discounts.
-To the terms of submitting $1200sv sales (excluding promotions) within 30 days of start date as listed on this agreement to receive kit rebate of $39, $99 or $199.

II. By accepting your application, THE FRANCHISE AGREES:

-To pay commissions on the SV/CV sales of Aloette retail products according to the then current commission schedule.
-That it has no right of direction or control with respect to the Beauty Consultant’s activities except as specified in this Agreement.
-The Franchise shall retain the right to question sales and recruiting performances as they affect this Agreement.
-To permit independent Aloette Beauty Consultants to purchase Aloette retail products at a discount from the retail price provided such purchases are made in Beauty Consultant’s name and the Beauty Consultant upholds her part in the agreement.
-The Company reserves the right to change the provisions of this Agreement at any time, provided the Beauty Consultant is given written notice via mail or email of such changes at least ten (10) days prior to the change becoming effective. The consultant is responsible for keeping a valid updated email with Aloette at all times.
-To the terms of refunding $39, $99 or $199 within 30 days of receiving the completed rebate request.

I understand the Consultant Agreement, and understand checking the box below is a virtual signature of this agreement. *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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