Winter boating: PBO poll
PBO is publishing a cruising feature on 'Getting ready for winter' but while some contributors insist that laying up boats ashore for winter is a thing of the past, others insist there are still plenty of owners who do exactly that. Tell us what you plan to do with your boat this winter. Leave your contact details if you don't mind us potentially getting in touch with a few extra questions. We won't use the contact details for any other purpose and will dispose of the data once we have completed this feature. Rob Melotti: editor PBO -
Does your boat stay afloat for most of the winter?
If your boat stays afloat for most (or all) of the winter, approximately how often do you hope to use it?
How long will your boat be out of the water over the next 12 months?
Where is your mooring or berth?
What size is your boat?
On what basis do you rent your mooring or berth?
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