MEAL with DePaul Student and Scholar Application: Winter 2020
MEAL with DePaul gives international students and scholars a chance to learn about U.S. food and culture. DePaul faculty and staff will volunteer to host small groups of students and scholars (typically 3-6) at their home for a meal. You will have the opportunity to meet other students and learn more about the city of Chicago and DePaul University.

MEALs are scheduled to take place between 12-3pm or 5-8pm. Your host will contact you directly to confirm exactly when you should arrive for your MEAL. We recommend that you travel together with the other students and scholars in your group via public transportation to your host's home.

Students and scholars are selected to participate based on the order in which applications are received. Priority will be given to students and scholars who have never participated in the program before and who are in their first year of study at DePaul.

Please Note: All communication for this program will happen over email. Please check your email each day and respond promptly to ensure you do not miss a deadline to confirm or accept your placement.
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Please type carefully to ensure there are no mistakes! All program information will be sent by email. Please check your inbox every day for messages about MEAL with DePaul. Information about your placement will be time sensitive, and you could lose your spot if you do not respond promptly!
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ISS will share your phone number and email address with your host and the other students and scholars participating in your MEAL so that you can coordinate your travel plans. We will also use your phone number to contact you if you are on the wait list.
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Please select ALL dates and times that could work for your schedule and hold these days free on your calendar. The more dates you select, the easier it will be for us to place you.
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Some of our faculty and staff hosts live in the suburbs and require you to travel with the METRA. Are you willing to travel to the suburbs on public transportation to reach your host? *
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Your answer to this question will be shared with your host, so they can know you better before you arrive.
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I understand that photos may be taken or videos made at this event. DePaul may use these photos on social media or in marketing materials. I understand that it is my responsibility to talk to the photographer and ensure I am not in any photos taken at this event if that is my preference. *
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