Cheerleading Personal Skill Sheet & Commitment Statement
This form is for all potential cheerleaders. Please read and answer all of the questions. Please write in complete sentences.
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Do you have any cheerleading experience? If yes, please explain below. *
List any tumbling skills you are proficient at. This means you have the skill without any help from the coach or a spotter. *
Do you have an dance experience? If yes, please explain below. *
Besides cheerleading, dancing, and tumbling skills, what qualities do you think you possess that will make you a good cheerleader? *
List any other after school obligations/activities you are already have along with the days and times you are committed to for these activities. *
Please list any other sports that you are planning to try out for this school year. *
Personal Commitment Statement: Write a statement explaining why you are committed to the Umatilla Middle School Cheer Squad. Include why cheerleading is important to you and why you want to be on the team. *
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