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The following form is an official sign on for groups wishing to join the California Green New Deal Coalition. Before submitting, please read the two sections below the form---our values and community agreements.

By filling out the form below, your organization is signing onto the coalition, and agreeing to support our values and community agreements. After filling out the form, we will contact you and send you information on upcoming coalition meetings and actions. We look forward to working with you!
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Coalition Values
We believe that no matter who you are or where you come from, we all deserve dignified work, healthy homes and resilient communities where we can all thrive. Our work is driven by the following core values:

We deserve safe and affordable homes and neighborhoods where we can raise families and nurture our roots. We deserve a healthy environment that will ensure access to clean air, clean water, outdoor recreational spaces, schools, libraries, and nourish a sense of well-being all powered by renewable energy and accessible through mass public transportation.

We deserve dignified work that contributes to the strength of our communities and pays living wages. Workers will be ensured protections such as the right to organize, ability to shape the conditions of their workplace, and receive opportunities for cooperative/alternative ownership.

We recognize the fight for climate justice is inextricably linked to dismantling and repairing the harms caused by all systems of oppression and extraction. Our movement is interconnected with the fights for indigenous sovereignty, black liberation, disability justice, immigrant justice, gender justice, and other liberation/justice movements.

We deserve the right to determine our own futures, tell our stories, and to actively participate and organize to make the decisions that directly affect our communities.

We demand accountability from greedy corporate interests who have harmed our communities. We will transform and create new systems to break up the concentration of wealth, redistribute to the people, and reinvest in our new institutions and communities.
Community Agreements
1. LEAD WITH BOLD VISION NOW & FOR THE LONG HAUL: We adopt a long haul mindset and whole systems thinking about achieving our common goals. We are adaptive, taking time to continually invent new ways of being in relationship with each other and the wider racial justice universe. While we understand that the climate crisis demands urgency, we act from a grounded vision and avoid reacting in crisis mode which tends to reinforce a status quo around power in the environmental movement.

2. CONDUCT TRANSPARENT & INCLUSIVE PROCESSES: We agree to develop clear processes for making decisions nimbly, with clear guiding questions, principles, and an expectation of how communication is shared in the coalition.

3. ENGAGE IN MUTUAL EDUCATION & COLLABORATION: We commit to listen and be engaged in issues each of us may not be already engaged in because we believe learning will lead to trust and trust will lead to resiliency through challenges we may face when we disagree on how to collaborate.

4. BUILD TRUST CONTINUALLY: We affirm each other to be able to openly offer and receive feedback, and are committed to repairing trust when it’s damaged, practicing non-judgment, and seeing disagreement as an opportunity for growth. We address racial, gender, class, and other power dynamics internally in our coalition, are open to hard conversations, and use conflict as a generative force when it arises.

5. PRACTICE DISTRIBUTED LEADERSHIP & ACTION: We step up to fill the needs of the coalition by sharing the burdens of the work and, addressing existing and emerging power dynamics thoughtfully, while respecting multiple perspectives, tactics, and strategies.

6. CENTER FRONTLINE COMMUNITIES: We are actively inclusive of and accountable to community members, an essential part of this movement. Rather than extracting labor, time, input or feedback at the start or end of an initiative, we engage communities continuously and equitably. We share resources, information, and decision making power with frontline communities so that base building groups can be in leadership. We establish collective decision-making that starts and blossoms from the community level.

Will your organization sign on to join the coalition and support our values and community agreements?
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