BlueSkeye AI - Data Volunteer program
Thank you for your interest in the Blueskeye AI data volunteer program.

BlueSkeye AI is a University of Nottingham spin-out company, with a mission to improve mental health world-wide through the use of technology. Working in close collaboration with world-leading academics in mental health and computer science, we aim to fundamentally change the way mental health is viewed and approached by our healthcare system.

BlueSkeye AI will reduce the time it takes for you to receive a diagnosis, allow you to objectively track your mental health in a way that gives you full control. To do so, BlueSkeye needs help from volunteers like you.

If you enrol in the data volunteer program we will use your data to:

- Improve the AI that scores your mental health based on your expressive behaviour
- Improve the interactions between you and BlueSkeye’s virtual agents
- Make the tasks and interactions more appealing and useful to you
- Improve the user interface

BlueSkeye AI will *not*:
- Sell your data to other parties
- Use your data for presentations or marketing

Volunteering will involve downloading a version of our App designed to collect video and audio of you completing a number of short tasks. If you are interested in helping develop a fast and objective way to monitor and diagnose depression please fill in the form below and we will get back to you. It is expected data collection will begin in April 2020.

At BlueSkeye AI respect for user privacy is paramount. We create our technology with privacy included by design, from the ground up. Data collection and storage is minimised wherever practical, and we process your data on your mobile device. You get to choose who you share your data with, and when you do, it is always over end-to-end encrypted channels

The data you enter into this form will only be used for the purposes of contacting you to provide more information on the data volunteer program.

Many thanks

The BlueSkeye AI Team
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