Application for GPATS
Graduate Program of Advanced Talmudic Studies (GPATS)
Master's Program in Biblical and Talmudic Interpretation at Stern College for Women

Applications Due April 7th, 2021.

A. Requirements for admission to the GPATS Program:
a. A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university
b. A satisfactory record in Talmud/Tanach and Jewish Studies beyond the secondary school level for at least two years
c. An entrance examination (bechina) demonstrating some proficiency in Talmud or Tanach, depending on which track you choose.
d. A personal interview
B. Please submit the following items:
a. A completed application form
b. One official copy of your transcript from each undergraduate and graduate institution attended. Student copies of the transcript are acceptable for Yeshiva University schools
c. Two names of references with email and phone number
C. For more information about GPATS programs or the GPATS curriculum, please visit our website: or contact us at and visit our website
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Do you plan on staying for the afternoon Halacha Seder?
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Do you plan on staying for the full 2 years and receiving the Masters?
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What Shul do you go to and who is your Rabbi? *
Please list the college(s) attended, degree(s) earned, GPA, areas of major, minor, and academic honors: *
Have you participated in formal programs or studies in Talmud/Tanach or Halakha? If so, please explain. If not, what informal studies have you done? *
Are you interested in pursuing Master’s degree simultaneously (during evenings and/or summers) at either The Bernard Revel Graduate School of Jewish Studies, Azrieli School of Jewish Education or outside Yeshiva University? *
In a separate document, please describe your goals for attending our program. Please include your career aspirations and any other information that you would like us to know about you. *
Please email this document to us at
Please provide two references including their email and phone number:
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