Application Form 2023-2024
Thank you for your interest in the International Department of Landakotsskóli. While we have an open admissions policy, please note that space is limited in the department. For admissions consideration, please complete the form below. If you require any assistance, please email, or telephone +354 510 8200.
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Nationality as per child's passport *
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Language(s) spoken in the home *
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Why would you like your child to enroll in the International Department of Landakotsskoli?
Anticipated length of stay in the International Department of Landakotsskoli program
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Has your child received any special education support or academic support services in previous schools? *
Has your child participated in any individual education program (IEP), had an IEP, or required extra help with reading, spelling or math? *
Has your child received occupational therapy (OT) or speech and language therapy (SpLT) services? *
Do you think your child would require special needs support if they join the International Department of Landakotsskoli? If yes, please provide additional information about anticipated service needs for your child. *
Please provide name, address, email and phone number of parent/guardian *
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Please provide name, address, email and phone number of additional parent/guardian if applicable
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Preferred email address for school communications *
Name and Icelandic kennitala of person/company paying school fees *
Billing municipality (where child has legal residence in order to secure tuition subsidy). If you reside outside of Reykjavik, you will need to fill out a form with your municipality requesting your child to attend school out of district in order to receive the tuition subsidy.  *
Please provide any additional information that may be beneficial for the school to know.
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