Camp Blue Diamond Summer Camp Registration 2017
Help us make this the best summer camp experience you ever had, by completing all the required fields. We look forward to seeing you at CBD! If a camper is registering for more than one camp, complete a 2nd online registration after this one. If you are registering more than one child, complete an online registration for each child. If you are registering for Family Camp only do one online registration for the whole family. If you have any questions, please contact us at:

Camp Blue Diamond
P.O. Box 240, 4013 Blue Diamond Dr.
Petersburg, PA 16669
Ph.: (814) 667-2355 / Email: /

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Please share information that will helpful for the counselor to know about your child prior to camp.
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Camp Sessions - First Choice
If a camp is not listed, it has been closed due to full enrollment.
Roommate Request
Your child may request 1 roommate. The child you request must also request you.
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Camp Sessions - Second Choice
Your child will be registered for this camp, only if the first choice camp is already full. If a camp is not listed, it has been closed due to full enrollment.
Roommate Request - 2nd Choice Camp
Your child may request 1 roommate. The child you request must also request you.
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Family Camp Information
If attending Family Camp, please list all adults and children (with ages) attending.
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Congregational Support
Middle PA District Church of the Brethren churches and Center Association Baptist churches provide stipends for member campers
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Sibling Discount
Discount for camper whose sibling(s) is (are) also attending CBD summer camp.
List Sibling(s) attending CBD Summer Camp
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CIT Camp Discount
Discount 1/2 the CIT Camp fee if this camper is also attending a Sr. High age camp as a camper. (Includes Youth Camp, Yough Adventure, Bike and Raft Adventure, Sr. High Canoe.)
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Balance: *
List the amount owed after deducting any church stipends, sibling discounts or CIT discounts:
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Online registration requires the entire balance be paid by credit or debit card. If you prefer to make extended payments or would like a camp scholarship go to or a Summer Camp Registration Form.
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I give permission for Camp Blue Diamond to photograph and video my child. Use of photos and videos will be limited to camp publications including: the website, newsletters, summer video, group photos and promotional information including Facebook. Your child will not be identified in the publications.
Camper/Parent Agreement *
The camper registering agrees to abide by all regulations concerning personal conduct and use of camp property. Should it become necessary for the camper to return home, the parents/guardians will abide by camp's decision and provide transportation.
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