2019 Las Vegas YMF Annual Membership Survey
Please take a few minutes to answer questions about your experiences with Las Vegas YMF. Feel free to skip any questions that don't apply to you.

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Monthly Meetings
What type of ASCE membership do you currently hold?
Our YMF board meetings are held every 2nd Tuesday of each month from 5:45 PM to 6:45 PM and is open to everyone. Would you be less or more likely to attend a YMF board meeting if they were held:
Less Likely
More LIkely
Same Amount
On a weekend
If the location was rotated
During lunch time
If happy hour or food was involved
Would you be less or more likely to attend a YMF Monthly Luncheon if they were held:
Less Likely
More Likely
I would attend the same amount
On a weekend
In the evening (dinner)
If the location was rotated
If the setting was less formal
If the setting was more formal
Are you happy with the current choices of food at the monthly luncheons?
What kind of food options would you like to see in the future?
Your answer
Are you happy with our past selection of monthly luncheon speakers?
What future presentations/discussion topics would you like to see at future monthly luncheons?
Your answer
Is there a reason why you are not able to participate in our monthly luncheons?
Your answer
Is there anything we can do to help increase the participation either from you or your colleagues?
Your answer
What is your preferred method of payment for events?
Please rank the value of the following events/benefits. 1 = Least Important, 5 = Most Important
Monthly Luncheon Meeting
Technical Tours
Community Service
Social Events (happy hours, hikes, kayaking)
K-12 Student Outreach
Conferences (WRYMC, YMLS)
PE Review Course
Networking Events
Joint events with other organizations
Job Postings
Mentorship Events
Do you see value in the mentorship program?
If yes, would you be available to be a mentor students in the next cycle? Please enter your email or phone contact info below.
Your answer
Social Media
Which social media platforms are you the most likely to use?
Least Likely
About Average
Most Likely
Which social media platforms do you follow Las Vegas YMF on? Select all that apply.
If you don't follow YMF on social media, why not?
Your answer
How often do you visit the YMF website?
Which page(s) do you visit most often on our website?
Your answer
Is there additional information or other improvements you would like to see on the website and social media accounts?
Your answer
Any improvement or content you would like to see added to the website or social media accounts?
Your answer
Community Service
Which community service opportunities are most important to you? 1 = Least Important, 5 = Most Important
Dream Big Screenings
Three Square Food Bank
Las Vegas Wash GreenUp
K-12 Outreach Events
Ronald McDonald House
Las Vegas Rescue Mission
Are there any other community service events you would like to see next year?
Your answer
PE Review
How satisfied are you with the Las Vegas YMF PE Exam Review Course? (skip if you have not taken the review course)
Very Satisfied
Please provide any feedback/recommendations you have for the PE Review Course. If you have not taken the YMF PE Review Course, is there a reason? Should we be doing something different?
Your answer
Conferences & Events
Have you attended any YMF events in the past?
If yes, how was your experience?
Your answer
Which of the following ASCE conferences/events have you heard of? Select all that apply.
Which social events are most important to you? 1 = least important, 5 = most important
Happy Hours/Pub Crawls
Super Summer Theater
Students vs. Professionals Kickball
Are there any other social events you would like to see next year? Check all that apply.
What are your recommendations to improve social events and technical tours?
Your answer
Would you like to attend new types of events or events similar to those of the past? Select all that apply.
Are you interested in local government affairs and outreach events?
Would you be interested in attending government outreach events besides office visits?
How do you typically hear about our events? Select all that apply.
How many emails would you like to receive from ASCE YMF per month?
You are almost done!
Open forum: Is there anything Las Vegas YMF can do better to serve its members? What went well? What could have gone better?
Your answer
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Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. We appreciate your feedback!
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