SFFCon 2021 Feedback
Thank you for taking part in the second SFFCon! We'd love to hear what you thought about the event and what we can do better in 2022.
What was your overall impression of the convention?
It was terrible
It was great!
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Please rate the individual components
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Variety of content
Content quality
Panelists / guests
Ease of participation
Audience-panelist interaction
Use of Discord
Brand / look & feel
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PROGRAMMING: What would you like to see next time?
Writing-focused panels
Multimedia panels
Deep-dive presentations
General genre panels
Specific fandom content
Interactive chats
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PROGRAMMING: What did you really enjoy that you would like us to keep doing?
PROGRAMMING: Where can we improve?
TECHNICAL: How did things go?
All good
Not applicable
Pre-convention prep
Livestream on Youtube
Livestream on Facebook
Access to past recordings
Facebook group
Streamyard (for panelists)
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TECHNICAL: Were your issues related to the learning curve of new software/plaform?
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TECHNICAL: Please describe any problems you had so we can improve things for next time.
Based on your experience this year, would you attend again in 2022?
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Would you be interested in any of the following? (check all that apply)
Please note any panel/programming ideas you have for future SFFCons
Are you interested in attending an in-person SFFCon convention in the future?
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Any other comments/feedback?
How did you hear about SFFCon?
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If you have any questions or concerns you'd like to speak about with us, please email sffconinfo@gmail.com and we'll follow up with you directly.
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