Appalachian Audubon Society Chapter Survey
Please submit your responses by filling out the survey below and hitting submit. This survey is to help Appalachian Audubon Society get feedback from members and non-members about our current chapter
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Have you attended any of our events (either in person or online) in the past year? *
If yes, which one(s)
Do you have any suggestions for new events we could participate in for the future? (i.e. tabling at local events, social-only events, fundraisers, etc.)
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How do you feel about the AAS field trips offered? *
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Which type of monthly program meeting locations do you prefer? (in-person, virtual, or hybrid) *
Do you have a recommendation of a speaker, topic, or general feedback you would like us to consider for our monthly chapter programs?
What conservation topics are of most interest to you right now?
Would you attend our monthly chapter programs if they were offered in a different location (within 15 minutes of our current location)? *
Do you have a recommendation for a change in location of our monthly chapter program meetings?
How do you feel about our annual banquet? *
Would you prefer our annual banquet permanently be transitioned to an annual picnic and bird walk? *
Additional Comments (i.e. what do you like most and/or least about our organization)
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