Student Feedback Form
We welcome your feedback about the Wellbeing Support that you have accessed so far. Completing this short form will give you the opportunity to feedback your views on the support you have received from the Standing Together Team and other services.

We would be extremely grateful if you could take some time to answer the following questions, in relation to the support you received from our team:

You can choose to provide anonymous comments, or complete your name and details at the end of the form.

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1) How would you rate the service from the following teams? *
Very Satisfied
Not Sure
Very Unsatisfied
I didn't use this service
Standing Together/Wellbeing Case Worker
Welfare Service
Student Conduct
Counselling and Wellbeing
2) Please elaborate on the above ratings in relation to the services you engaged with
3) If you submitted a formal report, how was your experience with the Student Conduct Team (i.e. communication, outcomes/resolutions etc.)?
4) How satisfied were you with the support you received from your Case Worker? *
5) Was your Case Worker able to provide you with the support and information needed? *
6) What support most helped you and/ or what did the team do well?
7) Do you have any suggestions about how we could improve our support to students?
8) How likely are you to recommend our support to other students (with 1 being very unlikely and 5 being very likely) *
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9) Please tell us about any resources (e.g. podcasts or reading materials) that you found useful and would be happy to recommend to others? Or is there any advice or ‘words of wisdom’ you would want to pass onto others, or wish you’d been told either before or throughout your support?
10) Do you have any further comments?
11) If you're happy to, please leave your name and contact details (this is optional and names will be anonymised if comments are shared on social media/with other students).
Thank You!
Thank you for completing our feedback form. Your comments will help us to improve our support and shape the services provided going forward.
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