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Please fill in all fields, and if you have any queries, please email the branch committee at uonucubranch@gmail.com

UCU nationally has produced guidelines for Branches about managing applications for payments from local hardship funds. These were recently emailed to members.
The UoN Branch will be adhering to the guidelines with one variation which is to consider applications from hourly-paid members for the first three days of strike action. In order to enable this change, we also request that staff submit evidence that they have taken strike action on all days when they were scheduled to work and were not on annual leave, sickness leave, special leave or parental leave. Uploading the acknowledgment from the University that you have reported your strike action would be appropriate.

In accordance with the national guidelines, the Branch will give immediate priority to applications from striking members who are hourly-paid. We therefore urge hourly-paid staff to make their application under 'Special Circumstances' so that we can process these applications promptly.

The University has confirmed that for salaried staff, pay will be deducted over two months, though as noted above staff can email BR-IndustrialAction@exmail.nottingham.ac.uk to explore ways in which specific cases of staff hardship might be alleviated through the approach to deductions. In any case, deductions for participation in strike action will be made.

We therefore acknowledge that in addition to hourly-paid staff, some salaried staff will also experience financial hardship as a result of pay deductions in March. If you are a salaried member who has been on strike and will experience financial hardship as a result of pay lost from your March salary then you should make an application for the fund as soon as you have received your March salary. The same will apply for applications relating to deductions from your April salary. Depending on your circumstances, you may wish to apply under 'Special Circumstances'.

Conditions for 'Special Circumstances' may include (but are not limited to): staff in receipt of state benefits (for themselves or dependents) and whose benefits will be impacted adversely as a result of income lost; households and families where two members are employees of the University of Nottingham who have been on strike and the resulting lost income causes financial hardship for the household; single parents and carers whose sole income supports minors and/or dependents and where lost income causes hardship to dependents as well as the member who is a parent and/or carer.

For further details about the application process, please see guidelines on our local website (link). Please note that we can only make payments from the fund to members who are paying subscriptions at the correct level, whose subscriptions are up to date and who took strike action during all days when they were scheduled to work.

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