GSA sub-committee Registration
Hello, everyone! We welcome you to be part of the Graduate Student Association (GSA) sub-committee, which aims to enrich your graduate life in SUTD, through advancing academic and social interests.
We value every single graduate student in SUTD, and hence we would like you to be part of this community.

In addition to the privilege of serving SUTD, the sub-committee will enjoy the following privileges:
· Overseas student ambassador events
· Meetings with industry partners
· Networking sessions
· OGS’ publicity collaterals

Appreciate your input in the interest area, that you and the university can benefit.

1. Academic Team
a) Support Academic Director
b) Ensure that the University’s policies meet the academic needs and interests of graduate students
c) Organise research-related activities to promote collaboration within and between pillars.
d) Ensure that the booking of meeting rooms is accessible to all graduate students.
e) Work together with Event Team & Media Team for academic event/ conference.

2. Events Team
a) Support Event Director
b) Responsible for annual event planning
c) Conduct internal post-event reflections
d) Work together with Media Team for publication of events.
e) Provide the logistic support during an events.

3. Media Team
a) Support Media Director
b) Manage branding and reputation of GSA
c) Prepare artworks and content to support publication of events
d) Ensure every event is well documented via photos/videos
e) Manage contents on all GSA’s social media accounts
f) Manage contents on GSA’s official website
4. Outreach Team
a) Support Outreach Director
b) Represent SUTD’s graduate community in external events
c) Build external relations with other graduate student communities
d) Build external relations with industry partners to provide career opportunities and exposure for graduate students, in consultation with OGS.

5. General.
a) Enable to help out in any position.

For any further clarification, please contact us by:
Thank you, and we hope to see you soon!!!

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