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This is the NEW LIST to enter for a custom spot for one of my handwoven creations. I feel like so much is changing right now, I'd like to start a fresh list for those who are interested in a custom handwoven piece created by me.

This will be an ongoing list through 2020 (and possibly beyond).

For the custom you will be able to choose:

-Color palette ideas/inspiration ideas

-What length you would like it to be

- Weft fiber choice. I have either organic cotton-linen or raw silk. For plain weave it is 220 per meter, pattern weave is 270 per meter. If you would like I can do a combination of plain and patterned weave, I have done this in the past and it works quite well. I also have other fibers available, naturally dyed raw silk, a sea cell/merino/silk blend and Cashmere at different costs.

-Fringe at the ends or hemmed ends

The warp they will be woven on is organic cotton-linen in natural shades with gradations of earthy brown flowing into it. The brown enters into the natural white in the numbers of the fibonacci sequence. Into the threads are woven the numbers of life, the pattern and progression of growth of all living things. Below are examples of some of my creations.

Please Enter only once. Thank you!

For more photographs check out my fb page or blog -

I am also on instagram @bluecornloom

Made with Love and Light.
Thank you for your support of my work!
I would like to introduce myself. I am Jeannie Ortiz, a weaver, creator and explorer living in the Land of Enchantment, New Mexico. I have very few photos of myself working, but here I am in a polaroid from a number of years ago, working away while my studio was still a construction zone.
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