Central Elementary Parent Survey - 2018
I have _ children attending Central Elementary School. *
Please rate the following statements: *
Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree
The school has a welcoming and safe environment.
I feel comfortable voicing any concerns that I may have regarding my child(ren)'s education.
I feel it is important that my child(ren) attend school every day.
I feel that my child(ren) is challenged academically.
I utilize Home Access Center (HAC) to view my child(ren)'s grades and attendance records.
I have an open-line of communication with my child(ren)'s school and feel that I can have an active role in their education.
I feel that there is a strong home-to-school connection.
I have a basic understanding of my child(ren)'s curriculum.
I trust the school team to prepare my child(ren) for the future.
My child(ren) uses technology to enhance their learning.
Our family attends the school's extracurricular activities.
I feel the classroom and building newsletters help keep me informed.
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