SFG Customer Survey Form 2017
Thank you for shopping with STAR Furniture Group (SFG). Your feedback is important to us. This survey will only take you 5 minutes. Upon completion of this survey, you will be entered into a lucky draw where 10 lucky winners will each walk away with $100 Star Living Gift vouchers! (T&C Apply)
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Motivation to Purchase
1. Which event(s) motivate you to buy the furniture? (You may check more than 1 box)
2. What factors is/are important to you when it comes to choosing a furniture retailer? (You may check more than 1 box)
3. What factor(s) is/are important to you when it comes to choosing the piece of furniture? (You may check more than 1 box)
4. What is/are your main concerns when it comes to buying furniture? (You may check more than 1 box)
Buying Pattern
5. How often do you spend on furniture and/or furnishing accessories?
6. How much on average do you spend on each occasion?
7. How many visits (including this visit) have you made to our SFG shops before you decide on your purchase?
8. How many other companies have you shopped around with before you decided on your purchase with us?
9. What kind of promotions/discounts would attract you? (You may check more than 1 box)
10. Which platform(s) do you prefer to shop for our products?
11. How often do you visit our E-commerce Site to view our products before visiting our shops?
Perception on SFG
12. How do you feel about......
Very Poor
Our Prices
Our fixed price policy (Where we give you our best price at the first instance to save you the hassle of bargaining)
Our product quality
Our product design
Our product varieties
Our showroom presentation
Our service level
The overall experience in our stores
Our Star Living E-commerce site
Media Channels & Mediums
13(a). How did you hear about us? (you may check more than 1 box)
13(b). If others, please specify below:
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Customer Profile
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14. Age Group
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16. Dwelling
17. Company with you today....
18. Any other feedback for us??
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