Alumni Nationals Values & Expectations Agreement
By participating in Alumni Nationals, I agree to uphold the values of the event and the guiding principles of the SEA college student & alumni community.

Sportsmanship - I will practice the highest level of sportsmanship. Throwing/hitting racquets, cursing on court, yelling at the ref, etc. will not be tolerated. I will wear proper eye protection, ref the match following mine, and practice basic court etiquette (such as shaking opponent hand, warming up, etc).

Timeliness - I will show up on time for my matches. I am expected to be at the squash facility 30 minutes before my match and at the court ready to play 15 minutes beforehand. If I am more than 15 minutes late, I understand my match may be defaulted. I understand that showing up for my match on time is important not just to keeping the tournament running on time, but also to showing a level of respect to my opponent.

Alcohol Use - If I am over 21 and choose to consume alcohol outside of the SEA event, I will drink responsibly and will not provide alcohol to minors or facilitate any underage drinking activities. If I am under 21, I pledge to not engage in the illegal activity of underage drinking. I understand that drinking is prohibited on the premises at both the SEA event and Saturday evening dinner, and I will not bring any alcoholic beverages into these spaces or show up intoxicated.

Safety in Numbers and Bystander Intervention - I will look out for myself and my fellow alumni. This means traveling in groups throughout New York City and stepping in if I see that a teammate or other alum needs help.

Fun - I will have a blast!
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