SHS Track Team Expectations
Each athlete and a parent should read below and acknowledge below with your name that you understand the expectations.

Southington Track and Field Expectations
2019 Points of Emphasis –
1. When we are at away meets, no one can leave the meet early without a signed note from AD and prior communication. This will result in suspension from team.
2. Meets are for competition. Relax in the stands or on the infield if permitted. No horseplay
3. Be aware of your surroundings during practice. If you are not in middle of an interval you should be on infield or outside lanes.
4. No headphones while at practice. Cell phones should be left in backpack. Head phones should be work on way TO meet. Appropriate music played aloud on way back from meet.
5. Bring a water bottle with your name on it. If you choose to pay money daily for water clean up after yourselves.
6. Notify your head coach & event coach if you will be late or miss practice VIA XC STATS App.
A Southington track athlete is expected to commit their unique talents to the success of the team, respect their teammates, coaches, and competitors, and show pride in their chosen sport, school, and their own accomplishments. Track runners challenge themselves and their teammates in positive ways in every practice, meeting, or competition, thereby earning the trust of their teammates and a sense of ownership in the success of the whole program.
1. Be Positive and Mature - You are expected to be a positive member of the team, supporting all of your teammates in their moments of success and difficulty. You do not have to like every member of this team, but you are expected to treat them with respect. Any disrespectful, degrading, hurtful, or petty behavior will be dealt with by the coaching staff.
Athletes are expected to behave maturely at practice. There will be no horseplay before, during or after practice. There will be no Frisbees, footballs etc tossed during practice OR AT MEETS. Before and after practice, these activities should be on the far side of where people gather.
2. Timeliness - You are expected to be where you are told to be. Track coaches are the only coaches at a high school that have the right to let their athletes out of their direct supervision. It is essential, then, that the coaches be able to trust that their athletes are EXACTLY where they were sent to perform their workouts. Cutting runs or disappearing before the coaches dismiss practice is not allowed. Willful disregard of this expectation will result in dismissal from the team.
3. Gear - Come to practice with the appropriate gear for the weather. Bring appropriate training devices, (flats, spikes, stretching ropes, etc). Track is one of the least expensive sports. Just like any other sport there is appropriate equipment that you must have to train with. Each athlete is expected to have the following at every practice. If you do not show up with the below, you will go home or do some form of conditioning. Multiple instances without appropriate equipment will lead to not being on the team.
• Your own water bottle with your name on it. There is no sharing of water bottles. Preference is to have a few dedicated bottles and not bottled water. However, if you do get water from a vending machine you must put your name on it so others don’t accidentally use your bottle. Those needing to borrow a paper cup will do additional exercises.
• A functioning stop watch with split capability. These need not be expensive. With over 100 athletes, you will be asked to take and then record your splits. (not applicable to throwers).
• Running shoes in good shape. Minimalist shoes are discouraged (Nike Free) if you would like to avoid icing your shins and calves regularly. Basketball shoes are not acceptable. If you just finished xc, you more than likely are due for a new pair. - Spikes are specialized footwear for your event. This includes jumps and throws. Fleet Feet offers 10% off on running spikes if you mention SHS track. We’ll provide info on throwers footwear.
• Warm-up gear. You need to have warm clothing to run in OUTSIDE in the winter in order to warm up. You also should have a change of clothes after every practice. Even without snow or rain, you’ll be sweaty and should be changing into something dry after practice. Check the weather every night so you can pack appropriate attire.
4. Attendance Policy - You are expected to attend every practice, contest, or meeting, unless you have been informed otherwise. You are expected to arrive on time. You are allowed to miss a maximum of four (4) practices/meetings, regardless of reason: doctor’s appointment, family commitments, funerals, work, illness, vacation, academics, or “other” obligations. On the fifth absence, you can and/or will be dismissed from the team. Any absences must be coordinated by you (not a teammate or parent) with a coach at your earliest knowledge of the upcoming event. You are not allowed any missed competitions, except for ones approved by the Head Coach for essential personal reasons (such as a funeral or major illness). You are expected to manage your academics in conjunction with participating on the team. Studying for tests, doing papers are not excused absences. If you miss 2 practices within 7 days of a meet, even for excused absences, you will not be allowed to participate in the meet due to lack of preparation. Approval for planned missed meet must occur within the first 2 weeks of the season. Last minute vacations/absences will result in missing the next meet and you may be dismissed from the team.
5. Communication Policy - Any absences must be submitted by the athlete (not the parent) in writing (text, email or xcstats if you are signed up for it). As soon as you know of a conflict, you should notify the coaches. You will be expected to make up the workout on your own so coordinate with the coach in person to get your assigned workout. FAILURE TO NOTIFY THE COACHES ABOUT AN UPCOMING ABSENCE IS AN UNEXCUSED ABSENCE. The first unexcused absence will result in the athlete missing the next competition. Multiple violations may result in removal from the team.
6. Off Campus Runs - For off campus runs, jog on sidewalks single file. In the event that you are in the road, run against traffic. Do not cross intersections until you’ve made eye contact with the drivers. Regardless of what drivers or pedestrians say or do to you (honking or gestures), you will be above their actions. We run in a minimum of pairs off campus. NEW – You must come back from a run and check in with your coach. Runs are expected to be continuous except for urgent bathroom breaks. Stopping to "play" etc is not acceptable and will have consequences to include being removed from the team.
7. Represent your school with class - You are expected to represent Southington High School and the Southington community in a positive manner. You are expected to arrive for travel to home and away competitions wearing your team-issued uniform that shows you are from Southington and prepared to compete. Putting on this uniform means that represent this community, any negative actions will damage not only your reputation, but also that of Southington High School and the Southington High School Track team. Only Southington High School hats will be worn. Any behavior that disgraces you, the team, or the school will result in disciplinary action that can include suspension from practices, one or more contests, dismissal from the team, or administrative referral. We will compete and behave with class our entire time at the site regardless of outcome. UNIFORMS WILL BE TUCKED IN AT ALL COMPETITIONS
8. Outside Training - You will not do additional training without the coach’s knowledge.
9. Be a good teammate - When your teammates are participating in fatiguing training and racing, your encouragement is valuable and expected. You’ll in turn appreciate their support during your most challenging moments.
10. Warm-Ups - Each squad will warm-up together for hard days and races as a group. No head phones will be worn while the group is together.
12. Music on bus and at Meets. During meets, music will only be listened to on headsets. While driving TO meets on a bus, or at all meets, headphones will be used so others can prepare for their competition without distraction. On way home, appropriate music can be played aloud.
12. Behavior outside of practice - As a student, you are also expected to conduct yourself with the same self-discipline in the classroom and community that you show at practice. Any referrals by teachers, administrators, staff, and community agencies (police, fire, etc.) will result in the consequences described above. You will not be allowed to participate in any team activities if you are academically ineligible.
13. Drugs and Alcohol Policy - You are expected to be substance free. It is illegal for someone your age to purchase or consume alcohol. It is also illegal to abuse any other type of drug, regardless of age. Smoking cigarettes, while legal for students over eighteen, is incompatible with the physical requirements of being a student-athlete on the Track team. Any use of alcohol or illegal drugs can and will result in suspension and can lead to dismissal from the team.
14. Leave it cleaner than you found it - You are expected to clean up after yourself in practices and at contests. Leaving empty bottles, wrappers, trash, and other items (like clothing) behind will not be tolerated.
15. Uniforms - You are expected to keep any school issued items in good condition. You are expected to return your uniform promptly at the completion of the season. Non-returned uniforms will prevent you from participating in other sports and may result in an administrative referral.
16. Being Respectful to all coaches - All coaches to include volunteer coaches on both guys and girls side are charged with oversight of ALL athletes that are participating in Track and Field. Athletes will take instruction from any coach on staff. Disrespect to any coach on staff will result in removal from the team.
17. Take care of the equipment - Athletes will respect all equipment. We have a limited budget and cannot afford to replace gear due to negligence. This includes sitting or jumping on the high jump or pole vault mat.
High School athletics are a privilege, not a right, and student-athletes are correctly held to higher standards than the rest of the student body.
I understand the expectations of the coaches for my successful participation as a member of the Southington High School Track team. I will be held to these standards and understand that I will be disciplined if I do not follow these expectations.

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