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What does Business expansion simply means?

- The condition of good wealth,especially when maintained and measured by proper analytical tools and habits using
Tools & Techniques , 20:80.Pareto Analysis Principle. i.e.
Get 80 % Throughout ,when you spend / Invest 20% [One Time
Investment] for Research or Development fee of Total Value of Project [Your Need] with EGS, to take yourself / your
business to next level for your customer customer's.

[This 20% is taken , as token of acceptance and execution of work ,would be adjusted from first Total Billing on War footing].
100% GST Benefit & more.

- Both Yourself and your business (es) are recognized by Digital Presence through e-office [EGS Business School] with
WIN -WIN Situation.

Why this is nice?
Making the world business(es) / Individual wealth, Health & more Smarter.

-Ennate Global Services [EGS], {formerly Printways}.
Your Personal Business expansion Solution Specialist's 🎁🎁.
{Happiness Engineer & Your Trusted affordable Partner!}

A One Stop solution for yourself / your Business / an Individual expansion, based on Chanakya's Technology.

Works on The Total Solution :
- Branding to Outsourcing IT Projects Outsourcing Management.[without any comfort level].
- Personalized Technology with Milestones.
- Speedy Transactions through Multi-Tasking.

The Purpose & Criteria of this application [Partner Profile] is both to minimize pain area & boost yourself / your business 360 degree requirements with help of business intelligence.

[2-3 Minutes application form] to understand insights and requirements.

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Pareto Analysis 20 : 80 Principle [Globally Accepted]
It says that if you sharply focus on 20% of activities, you get 80% throughput [EGS  have created 80% , rest 20% user have to concentrate]
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