Prattville Primary School - 1st Grade Teacher Request Card 2022-2023
Dear Parents: We are glad to offer you the opportunity to complete a teacher request card. Please understand that this card is entirely optional. Remember, teacher requests are considered, but are NOT guaranteed. PPS employs highly qualified teachers, all of whom do an outstanding job. In requesting teachers, it is very important to think about the personality and needs of your individual child.  You may choose ONE OF THE TWO OPTIONS described below to complete this card:
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OPTION ONE: Please follow directions in order for your Request Card to be accepted.  List the names of six teachers. Remember, a total of six names MUST be listed in order to be considered.   Do NOT rank these names.  Teachers list is subject to change.  Teachers names: Bolden, Branning, Burton, K. Cook, Cox, Dupree, Glidden, Johnston, Lee, Luker, Meherg, Messick, MN Fisher, Moon, Shoupe, Slay, Woods
OPTION TWO:  If you do not know the names of six teachers, describe your child's personality and needs in the space provided below. You may NOT mention a teacher's name, nor describe specific teachers.
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Help us get to know your child.  Please list all characteristics from the following list that describes your child. Shy, Very Active, Aggressive, Needs firm discipline, Cries easily *
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