Sacred Seed & The Orphanage - Virtual Burns 2020 - Expression of Interest
Burning Man might be cancelled. Burning Seed might be cancelled. But we are not cancelled!

We are committed to making the burning experience continue year-round. We've always believed that burner culture makes no sense unless it is a year-round experience at home, in our communities and globally.

We've been experimenting with various ideas and some of you have been involved in these already - thank you!!!

If you would like to be part of the theme camp, then we would love for you to join us.

Welcome aboard!
Email *
One form per person, or a single form for a family group
It's really important that we get to communicate directly and know everyone wanting to join us. We will be sending through lots of information and helpful guides. Even if you are travelling as a group, it would really help us a lot for each person to go through this process. If you are a close bunch of Unicorns (2s, 3s or 4s), let us know if it isn't possible for everyone to complete the details below.
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Have you been to The Orphanage, Sacred Seed or Pepperland previously at a Burn event? *
What is your Burner history? *
What are your favourite Principles? *
Hint: Burning Man 10 Principles
What does your Covid 2020 look like so far? *
Which city in the world do you mainly live in (or currently stuck in)? *
We're all citizens of the world. We'd love to know where you'll be travelling from (not because we want to slap a label on anyone, we just want to add to the diversity)
Will you be able to volunteer to help with planning and/or running events at various times in the next six months? *
Would you be interested in developing an online Burner Survival Guide? *
Would you be interested in running your own events, music, workshops and or DJ? *
Do you play an instrument?
It's ok if you don't play an instrument! Just checking.
How do you feel that you can contribute to specifically to the Sacred Seed art installation, workshop and spiritual spaces?
How many children/teens are with you and would like to join, get involved, be part of events? *
Number of people under 18 years old
Do you have your own PC/Mac or just a mobile device? *
Tell us your story... (optional)
How did you hear about us AND what are you interested in? *
Do you know and understand that this free and there is no expectation to make any financial contribution to join in the experience? *
Adults $0 / Under 18 $free.
Any other questions or feedback?
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