Simon Caine's Mailing List

Hello, thanks for stopping by.

If you'd like more information about any of the big projects I am working on please enter your details below and I'll be sure to keep you updated.

I promise never to give your info away to anyone else. I also promise to only email you when I have something interesting to say.

If Ghostbusters has taught me anything, it's never cross the streams. As a result, I've made 4 options for my news which you can opt in or out of whenever you like -

1) Podcast - You'll get exclusive content from the Ask The Industry Podcast. I will email you ahead of anywhere else I post the latest episodes. So you can get a friendly update each time I put up a new show / details of the expansion plans I have. You'll also get exclusive info on upcoming guests and much more! I hope to email you a max of 3 times a month.

2) Books - my 2nd book is currently titled "How To Make A Living By Working For Free" and it's about the power of free content online. It's a how-to guide for artists on how to build an audience for what they do. I'll be doing a KickStarter in about a months time with my new editor Bob Slayer and sub-editor Emily Snee. You'll get all the latest information about it before anyone else along with some exclusive interview / content which I will only share will the mailing list. What you do with it is up to you. I hope to email you a few times during the KickStarter (and I'll make sure I don't email you a 2nd time if you've already donated / purchased a copy).

3) Comedy - I will only email you when I have gigs / previews in your area or if I am going to do a solo show (Edinburgh etc but also if I decide to take the show elsewhere around the country). Additionally once I get a full length recording of my shows on YouTube you'll get a link to it before anyone else. I will only email you 1 maybe 2 times a month at most. But this won't be every month. I have no previews planned until March now, so you probably won't hear from me until them, but don't let that put you off joining now!

4) Everything - This doesn't mean you'll get spammed. At most you'd get 1 email from me per week (I am going to make sure I don't over email the lists anyway for the people who pick this option).

Thanks for joining,


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