How to set-up as a Solopreneur
This step by step workflow is provided at no-charge to everyone and is funded in part by AARP and some of their partners who are featured. Thank you.
#1: Name your Consultancy
Gary offers some great tips on how
OK- now, what's yours? *
Name it and make sure you can purchase your domain name. Then purchase it at Google domains. Remember, not everything has to be .com- be creative and ask friends for advice or Connect with Margoe for guidance. Answer Below.
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#2: Pick your work platform
Ok, which one is yours? *
Pick either Google for Work, Office 365 or other
AARP provides the tools to "Reimagine" your workplace YOU.
#3: Set-up payments *
Consider how you will take payments and invoice clients. Which one works for you?
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#4: Set up your Calendar *
Make it easy for people to contact you and schedule time in your calendar and customise the types of meetings – include this in your WiseIntro landing page and your LinkedIn profile. Which one is right for you?
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#5: Secure your personalized e-address *
After purchasing your domain, connect it to an email provider. Which one is right for you?
#6: Secure a virtual office *
Using your home as your business address often picks up in search including sell price, taxes, etc. Be more creative. What's right for you?
#7: Create your contact information *
Secure a phone number / VOIP for people to contact you through- you may not want everyone having your personal mobile number . Which is right for you?
#8: Design your website
which one of these will you use? *
#9: Create your personal hub *
So you can direct people to where you live online. This step is ideal for linking all your contacts and having a landing page until you have a website or a redirect to your domain name that you purchased. What is best for you?
#10: Create a logo for your consultancy *
Create a logo as well as a great headshot picture icon to pollinate your professional social channels. Which is right for you?
what makes a great logo?
#11: Update your LinkedIn *
To reflect your new contact details including changing your email address from your organization's details, updating your bio, and enable visibility in search results. Who can help you do this?
some tips on how to update
#12: Publish an article *
Publish with details of your transition and an invitation for people to connect with you in relation to your new venture – this article can then be privately messaged to key contacts. Where will you publish?
#13 : How to create an email signature
Practice yours here *
Your answer
#14: Order business cards *
Place a small order for business cards using a templates – personalize your cards to stand out when attending networking events. Which one is right for you?
business card vendor review
#15: Audit your Social profile *
Review your social networking sites to ensure that your content reflects what you want to be known for – you may need to make your accounts private, delete any irrelevant or inappropriate content or even create new accounts to support your marketing goals for your new venture. Upload your links and ask a friend, mentor, colleague or Margoe to give you a read.
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#16: Create your social icons *
Design social media icons and graphics to promote your venture using free or low cost tools. Which one is right for you?
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#17: Manage your new brand *
Monitor your social media content to allow you to schedule content to your social media channels. Which tool is right for you?
#17. Tips on monitoring your brand
Tools to consider using
#18: Create Short links
design your links for analytics *
Set up an account to create and brand your own short links that can be used to share resources and information – this tool also enables you to track analytics.
#19: Create an opt-in email list *
Start communicating with potential clients using an opt-in email – and to future proof your business. Which one is right for you?
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#20: Know your platforms *
It is essential to know and practice on all the big ones: Slack, Trello, Zoom, Hangout/Meet,GoToMeeting, Skype, Hangout/Meet, etc. Which ones do you need help with?
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Don't know
#21: Optimize yourself on job sites *
Set yourself up properly on job sites to be ready to work asap. Remember your rate says much about you so think about that wisely. Where are you going to go?
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#22: Find Collaborators *
Securing other talent to hook-up with- people who round your skillset out- and showcase how your 1 plus their 1 equals 3 to any new client you gain; showcasing that teamwork when applying for jobs will be highly valued. How are you going to make that happen?
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Your answer
#23: Meet with an Attorney *
You'll need to decide on your entity legal structure, require helping design your engagement letter, learn about E&O insurance, etc. How are you going to do this?
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#24: Meet with an Accountant *
To properly set up your books, review tax implications, expenses, etc. Who are you going to connect with?
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So, you're done. What's next ?
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In any case, we hope this exercise brings you great success.

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