Unity Day Scheduling Form
Unity Day is the primary annual event for the Unity Network. The day is scheduled with the goal of having the largest impact with the most number of people. Therefore it is a family event, and although we allow people to vote bellow to suggest any day, and every year we will re-vote and can change the date as needed, the founder strongly encourages you to consider the benefits of having the event on the weekend, Sat/Sun, and that the event would take place at the beginning of the school year, in Fall to maximize after-organizing excitement. With that in consideration September is busy getting the school year started, and November already is full of holidays, so that leaves October, and late october could be better because that gives more planning time with students. With that said, anyone can choose any day they would like, or even coincide Unity Day with an other existing day. Our current policy is that the date must be chosen 1 year in advance, therefore we will be scheduling a media outreach rally for 2014, and then the first annual Unity Day will take place in 2015. For the Unity Day Scheduling Discussion Pad visit: http://piratepad.net/UnityDaySchedulingDisscussion
Do you agree with the policy that the date for Unity Day should be chosen 1 year in advance and using the Gregorian Calendar?
This maximizes planning, coordination, and outreach to make the day as big as possible, as our goal is getting as many people as possible to partcipate. Additionally our policy is to use the Gregorian Calendar as our goal is getting the most number of people and the most number of people use the Gregorian Calendar.
Best Seaon for Unity Day?
Choose as many as you want. Seasons are written in context of Northern Hemisphere. Opposit for Southern Hemisfphere, and just Rainy/Dry in Tropics.
Which Month of the Year is Best for Unity Day?
Choose as many Months as you want, they do not need to coinside with the season you just choose, but try to make them coinside if you can.
Which Week of the Month should Unity Day be on?
Choose as many weeks as you'd like, and consider which weeks could bring the most number of people, and allow for the perfect amout of organizing..
Which Day of the Week should Unity Day be on?
Choose as many days as you'd like, and consider which days could bring the most number of people.
Which Day of the Month?
Choose as many days as you'd like. Remember, a day of the month would change day of the week each year.
Should we Piggyback on an existing annual event or day?
We most likly will alraedy be overlapping with some event every year, but that is expected no matter what day we choose. Additoinally we could purposfully piggyback and overlap with a specific annual event / day that is already occurring. Eitherway, we can always do outreach at these events and collaborate on them. Our long term goal would be that Unity Day and Democracy Day are everyday. Link to List of annual Awareness Days: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Awareness_days List of annual holidays: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_commemorative_days .
Any other Ideas, Suggestions, questions, concerns etc....?
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