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About the Immersion Workshop with Jess Grippo
The voices in your head telling you that you’re too out of shape to dance, not good enough, that you missed your chance…

Those voices are just the socially constructed voices in your head that are trying to knock you down and keep you out of your power by judging the shit out of yourself for just wanting to be free again.

Don’t let them get you down. It’s time to rise up and let that body move. We. Need. Your. Dance.

And that’s exactly why You Can Dance Again and this workshop and performance series were created -

To give you a sacred space to revive your dance in a truth-telling, deeply connected, and natural way.

To give you permission to let your body lead the way and step into a new level of creative expression, intuitive knowledge, and the power to make waves.

To say “fuck you” to the voices trying to squelch your expression.

To activate the creative impulses that want to be birthed through you.

All so that you can bring even more of your power, authenticity, and energy into the people and causes that truly matter to you.

You’ll be guided throughout a day-long immersion on June 24th in NYC to clear the noise and clutter and get to the root of whatever might be holding you back and whatever is your truest expression that wants to emerge.

Then, as an optional continuation, the 4-week workshop series is here to support you in creating and developing a solo performance piece, born out of an organic, flowing, process-based experience that you’ll be led through step by step.

You’ll have the opportunity to perform your piece at the You Can Dance Again Showcase and book launch event on June 11th in NYC.
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