Oh, such a great pleasure to see you here!
Do you like Tiktok? Yes?
And do you like vaping? Yes, of course?
Would you like to make some super cool videos for us if we give you some VECEE disposable vapes?
Absolutely, yes?
OK, come on. Let's fill some blanks down below so we can do that.

What we provide:
*Full sets of VECEE Disoposable Vapes(V1/V2/V3/V4/FLARE/ etc. )
*Paid content output
*Get the chance to sample VECEE's new disposable vapes

What you provide back:
*Tiktok videos
*Tiktok vape videos.
*Tiktok vape fun videos.

NOTE: You must be of legal age of vaping in your jurisdiction. Or we're afraid we can not send you VAPES.
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What's the average views of your Tiktok video? *
Which VECEE Disposable Vape do you like best?
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Thank you for taking your time! We'll work on it and email you for final comfirmation. Again, welcome to VECEE Tiktoker Project.
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