Workshop Evaluation
We Need to Talk about MARC - November 2, 2018
Type of library I work in:
The workshop content matched my expectations from the title and description.
If not, why not?
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The presentations were informative and understandable.
Sufficient opportunity was allowed for interaction between the participants and speakers.
The workshop presented information that is relevant to my job or my library.
I learned how to create a basic catalog record.
I know more than I did before about MARC formats and how they impact catalog displays.
I learned how to correct a problem in my library's public catalog display.
I know more than I did before about batch loading records into the library catalog.
I feel more able to talk to vendors about the catalog and MARC records.
I feel that I can explain the value of cataloging and catalogs more fully than I could before.
I plan to use an idea or skill that I learned today within the next month.
I can use the ideas and skill presented today.
One activity or idea that I would like to try in my library is:
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I would be interested in attending a more in-depth session on a topic presented today.
I would be interested in attending a TSRT program on the following topic(s):
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I would be interested in attending TSRT programs (Please select all that apply)
I want to be part of the TSRT planning committee!
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