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We cannot afford to wait for Bernie's official campaign to reach Illinois before we start organizing.

For those who attended the March 3, 2019 Bernie rally at Navy Pier -- you understand that if we work together to get organized, we can win.

This form was created by the organizers of Illinois for Bernie Sanders (IL4B), the grassroots group founded back in 2015 to promote Bernie's presidential run and to get him on the ballot (now Illinois Progressive Network, or IPN). Your privacy is important, so your information will NOT be shared with anyone outside of IL4B/IPN (unless otherwise noted). Please submit your contact info below, and you will be kept in the loop about local Bernie events, volunteer opportunities and other grassroots happenings. Please also make sure you are signed up via so you receive official campaign emails.

"If we stand together, there is nothing we can't do." –Sen. Bernie Sanders
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