Register form. Dynamo International. Street Workers Network.
Register data sheet of the Street Educators International Network for workshops willing to join.
Section A. Name of the workshop (group or street educators national network) or organization (association, federation...)
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Legal status
Date of creation
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Section B.
Are you already a part of an international group or network?
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If yes, please specify here (explain your goals and activities)
What are your expectations from the Street Educators International Network
Who are your financial and/or technical partners?
Please fill in if your workshop has not been created yet.
Is there any other activity carried out by people or organizations in favour of the homeless?
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Is there a national/local group or network of street educators?
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If there were no exchanging framework or groups, do you think there should be any?
Yes / No
If you think it is necessary, what is the strategy that you are willing to implement?
The undersigned hereby declares they are aware of the Chart of the Street Educators International Network, which has been subscribed and which they commit to respect, just like the other members of the workshop.
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