Business Waiting System Survey
This survey is being conducted for a Fourth Year Design Project in Systems Design Engineering at the University of Waterloo. For more information, contact Monica Moore at
What type of establishment do you own/manage?
Do customers frequently have to wait at your business?
How long would you estimate average wait times are?
Specifically, wait times at fast food/retail locations to reach the till, at restaurants to be seated, or at nightclubs to get into the venue.
Your answer
What is the longest amount of time that customers have to wait?
Your answer
From your perspective, how long would the ideal wait time at your business be?
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What waiting system do you currently have in place?
Check all that apply.
Do you have any issues at your business with long lines? If so, what are they?
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Do you prefer having a long line or a shorter line but with a steady flow of people? Why?
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Do you think your current waiting system needs improvement? If so, why?
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Does your business have other establishments owned by the same owner?
ex. franchises, chain, multiple venues owned by the same company
Would you be interested in receiving business analytics about movement in your business? If so, what data are you interested in?
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