Improve Your Personal Credit Through Derogatory and/or Inquiry Removal
Follow the instructions listed below:

1. Fill out this form in its entirety.

2. Sign up with

3. A consultant will call you for your free consultation within 48 hours. This application must be complete and you must have an account with During the call, please specify which negative items you need removed. Also, please let us know if you have had experience with credit repair and/or credit repair companies in the past.

4. Please review our FAQ's and Credit Repair Page before proceeding with your consultation.

5. If you are interested in joining our credit repair program after you receive free consultation, we will send you an invoice via email from to get started. Please contact us with any questions/concerns.

*We do not remove negative items such as open accounts, late payments on open accounts, student loans, child support, or alimony.*

Inquiry Removal can take a maximum of 45 days for results.
Derogatory Removal may take 1-4 months for results. We have an 83% success rate for derogatory removal.

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For the derogatory removal process, you are required to obtain photocopies of your driver's license, social security card, and a utility bill or bank statement reflecting your current address that's listed on your credit reports. All addresses must match. Lastly, a fraud alert may be placed on your credit report(s) during this process. *
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