2018 GGG Scholarship Application
Please read and complete this application fully to be considered for a Gillie G Guillette scholarship.
Purpose & Guidelines
The purpose of the Gillie Guillette V, Scholarship Fund is to provide camper scholarships for young people whose families cannot afford to pay all or part of the camp fees. The Fund is replenished by churches and individuals who want to continue to help young people come to camp. The Camp Rudolph Board of Directors has established the guidelines for the Fund.

In order for an application to be considered the parent and prospective camper will need to complete the application and the camper should submit a short 50 words or less essay on “why coming to camp is important to me.” (Parents may help young children by writing what the child dictates to the parent.)

The actual amount of scholarship funds given to a camper will be based on both financial need and the amount of money available in the Fund. Scholarships are available for all sessions. However, a maximum amount will be available out of the Fund per camper and only once per camper for the summer. Applications will be read and approved by the Board of Directors in the order they are received. Parents will be notified in a timely manner whether or not their application has been accepted and the amount of assistance awarded.

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