Julian Chemistry 2020 Free Video Lesson Registration Form
Julian Chemistry is offering Free Chemistry Video Lessons for Students whose Parents are financially impacted by the covid19 situation.

We (some of the Julian Chemistry family members) are not spared by covid19 challenge as well but we count our blessings to be able to continue our operations so we are trying to give back to parents whom are affected very much financially.

Thus we hope to be able to bring value to you by helping your child's chemistry learning for A Level during this difficult season whereby students are studying at home and would need quality resources made available!

Methods of Delivery:
Selected Topic Video Lecture series refined by many hours of content iterations proven to achieve A grades students. We are still creating them as we go along thus we seek your kind patience in the video creation processes.

We don't need any proof for parent's financial insecurity caused by covid 19 as we trust the Singapore community for their grace.
Therefore Just kindly reach out to us by this completing this form: https://forms.gle/v1EHyTyxXEGPTLuh7
We will get in touch with the students separately on the next steps to start their journey with Julian Chemistry in this initiative.

God Bless and lets stay safe
By Julian Chemistry Management

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