Dating and Relationship Series
We're starting a Dating and Relationship series on YBC®. The series will chronicle the dating life of "Pooks", our Boston-based babe just trying to figure out what the heck this love thing is all about. A little about her: she is in her early thirties, divorced, and funny as hell. Can't wait for you to 'meet' her! xoCandace
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What do you look for in a significant other?
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When you have dated in the past, how do you meet people?
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If you are dating but struggling to find someone great - a unicorn, as Pooks likes to call them - what specifically are you struggling with?
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What's an ideal first date to you and why?
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Best date you ever had?
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Worst date you ever had?
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Do you live in Boston?
If you do live in Boston, do you have any great single guy friends who might be down for a date with Pooks? (We're half kidding with this, but who knows?!)
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Do you have any questions or topics you'd like Pooks to cover in her upcoming series? Any dating or relationship problems you're dealing with?
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