Permaculture Design Course, Obenaus, Austria 2019
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*Please note, these one day courses are part of the full permaculture design course so there is no need to indicate your attendance to them if you are applying to join the full 14 day course. If you can only come to the one day courses, please indicate which ones you would like to come to
Payment options for the 14 day PDC
Average cost per person for this course is €350, however we would like to invite you to suggest how much you can afford and make an offer that suits you. We would welcome those who can afford more to pay more and those who can afford less to pay less. So feel free to pick any of the options below or suggest any other price that you see fit.
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Payment options for the Short courses
These courses are by donation. Please let us know in advance how much you wish to donate via the sign up form. Suggested donation between €40 and €120 per day.

1 day introduction to sociocracy (12th October)
1 day introduction to permaculture (13th October)
1 day introduction to creating food forests (19th October)
1 day introduction to urban permaculture (20th October)

Additionally for people who have done the introduction to permaculture day, you can stay on for some of the core days (14th Water; 15th Soils or 16th plants).

*Please note, these one day courses are part of the full permaculture design course and are included in the course fee (i.e. you do not need to pay extra for these if you have already paid for the PDC). However they are also being offered as a separate distinct course to people who cannot make the full course and can only attend during the weekend.

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To make the most of the PDC and increase the exchange in-between participants, we invite people to stay on site for the nights as well.
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