Adoption Application Form

Application Process:

In order to find a right home for our rescue dogs, we will need to do the followings after you submit your adoption application:

* Review the application – See if the dog is the right fit for your home

* Phone Interview – Verify information on the application

* Conduct Home Visit – Check the living condition for the dog

* If we were unable to conduct home check then we will need photos of your home

* Notify arrival date and time for your dog– Please be available to go pick up your dog

* Airport Pick up – Welcome your dog

Adoption Fee:

Adoption fee is $300. Puppy ages under one year old adoption fee is $500. M.I.T Mixed Breed Rescue can not guarantee the age of the dogs. The estimate age is provided by vets/shelters. The adoption fee will help pay for rescue expenses, such as medical bills, vaccinations, foster homes and transportation cost. It enables M.I.T Mixed Breed Rescue to continue its mission in rescuing more animals in need.

After 1 week local adoption 2 weeks international adoptions, new family needs to provide us at least 5 photos to finalize the adoption. Providing us updated photos and info are always welcome and are much appreciated. Our rescuers and foster families love hearing updated news from you.

*All newly adopted dogs from M.I.T Mixed Breed Rescue will receive no waiting period from our partner - Trupanion pet insurance. Please use the code: SR2CF1314 when you sign in Trupanion. For the first 30 days and no obligation to participate but need to have the first vet visit complete before it can be activated.
Applicant Information
Are you 21 and over *
If not parents or guardian need to submit the application
Applicant Name *
Phone Number *
Are you looking for an outside or inside pet? *
Email *
Best time to reach you *
Reason for acquiring new pet/another pet? *
Name of the dog you are interested *
Have you ever had experience with a dog this age *
Home Address *
City and States *
Zip Code *
The name of the Employer *
Employer phone number *
Occupation *
How long with this employer *
Household Info
Do you own your place? *
What type of place you live now? *
How long you stay with the current address? *
How many children in your household? Ages? *
If you decide to move in the future, what will you do with your dog? *
Are all members of your household aware of your plans to adopt a dog *
What will you do when your dog did something bad? *
ie: accident in the house, chewing, and destroy things
How many hours will your dog be left alone *
Where will your dog be during the day hours while at work *
Where will your dog sleep *
Who will be responsible for the dog *
When you move in the future what will you do with your dog? *
How often will you exercise your dog and how much exercise do you think a dog needs weekly *
Is your backyard securely fenced *
Do you have dog *
If you currently own a dog what is the age of the dog
Does anyone in your home have allergies to dog *
Are you planing to go on vacation anytime soon *
Who will be taking care of your dog when you are on vacation? *
Name of the Veterinarian *
Phone number of the Veterinarian *
Do you use a heartworm preventative for your current dog? *
required if you are currently a dog/cat owner
Personal References (no more than 3) List name & phone number *
I understand that M.I.T Mixed Breed Rescue have TWO week trial period for international rescue and ONE week for local rescue *
I understand the adoption fee is non-refundable after finalization of the adoption. *
I will return my dog back to M.I.T Mixed Breed Rescue if I can no longer keep my dog without requesting a fee. *
I will NEVER surrender my dog to anyone (shelters, sell, give away) only to M.I.T Mixed Breed Rescue *
I will notify the M.I.T Mixed Breed Rescue if there are issues occured *
I will provide unconditional love to my dog who I adopted from M.I.T Mixed Breed Rescue *
I will treat my dog as part of my family *
I will NEVER let my dog outside without collar, leash and proper ID tags *
I will have my dog socialized and continue the training as necessary *
I will NEVER abuse n neglect my dog at any given time *
I will keep M.I.T Mixed Breed Rescue up to date about my dog *
I AGREE to maintain on monthly flea/tick preventatives for my dog *
I AGREE to maintain on monthly heartworm preventatives upon recommendation of your veterinarian *
I will notify M.I.T Mixed Breed Rescue and provide proper care if my dog become ill *
I am WILLING to make a lifetime commitment to this dog I adopted from M.I.T Mixed Breed Rescue *
I certify that all the information provide to M.I.T Mixed Breed Rescue in the application is true and I understand that false information may void the application and I understand that submitting of this application is no guarantee that I will be able to adopt the animal that I have selected to adopt. *
I understand that by submitting this form I authorized my veterinarian’s office to verify that my other dogs are current on vaccinations and clients of the veterinary practice *
I agree that all expenses incurred after I take possession of dogs will be my sole responsibility and M.I.T Mixed Breed Rescue is released of any and all liabilities whether financially or other. *
I understand this is a legally binding contract *
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