LavishMC Media Rank Application
Welcome to the LavishMC Media Rank Application!
Application Criteria
Before applying, please ensure that you meet the following criteria:

1) Have at least 250 subs/followers.
2) Joined our discord server, if not, join using this link:
3) A clean punishment record. (i.e., no previous bans).
4) Play on the server frequently.
5) Have a working and audible setup.

The Application
When filling out the application, please remember to:

- Use proper punctuation and grammar. Poor use of grammar will not help you get accepted.
- Answer questions fully and with detail. The whole purpose of the application pertains to you selling yourself to us. Convince us to hire you.
- Be honest. Lying on the application will get you nowhere.
- All questions marker with * are required. Any questions not marked are optional.

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