Application for State of the Larp
State of the Larp is a conference taking place in Oslo on December 13-16 2018. Participation is free of charge, including food and accomodation. Participants should cover the travel costs to and from Oslo but it is possible to apply for a travel grant for participants facing economic difficulties. The deadline for applying is October 10.
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Describe your larp experience.
Have you attended many larps? What kinds of larps? Do you have experience with participating in related activities?
Describe your larp organizing experience.
How many larps have you helped organize? Have you written any larps?
Why do you want to attend the event?
Why are you interested in the conference? How will you use the knowledge you gain?
What communities could benefit from your participation at this event?
What are the networks, local areas, NGOs, businesses, virtual communities or other groups that you are part of?
What is your occupation/job?
How did you find out about State of the Larp?
How would you like to contribute to the programme?
This is not binding. If you are given a spot at the event, we will get in touch with you and discuss how you can contribute. If you are not sure how you want to contribute or want our guidance on how to do it, you can leave this field open.
Do you need a travel grant to pay for your travel?
Are you a professional that can pay for your participation by your own means?
This is intended if you represent a company or institution that can pay for your participation. The price will be 2500 NOK. Checking this will not affect your chance of getting accepted, but it can give us more room to prioritize travel grants to people with fewer opportunites.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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