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I agree to abide by the Labour Against Zionist Islamophobic Racism (LAZIR) aims and policies as they feature at
Being a member is free, at present.
We have two kinds of membership at LAZIR - Full and Associate.
"Full" is for those who are current or expelled Labour Party members; those trade unionists paying the political levy/affiliated supporter and those in the Co-operative Party, which affiliates to local Labour CLPs.
"Associate" would be for anyone who supported our aims and policies but was not in any of these bodies.
Only Full members would get to vote at the AGM or any EGMs. Those with Associate membership could attend, could speak, but could not be office bearers or vote on motions.
If any questions, please email
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Full only: CLP [If you are not a member, you can join for as little as £3/yr, depending; go to . If expelled, please say which CLP you were in before expulsion].
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Full only: Have you been expelled or suspended from the Party?
Full only: Are you in a trade union? If so, which one? Please say here if you are in the Co-operative Party
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Membership of related groups (eg Labour Against the Witch-hunt, Socialist Fight, Jewish Voice for Labour, etc)? This will help plan networking and joint projects.. Please list.. If you hold elected office, please mention that too
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