MAGFest Incubator

Let's get experimental here. MAGFest is cool because our people make it cool. Our bands, dealers, panelists, and everyone bring their stuff to the table and it's awesome. People jam or DJ in the hallways, which is awesome. MAGFest is a creative meta-meeting of hundreds of different communities in real life, and we want to encourage this as much as possible.

So what can we do to further encourage and better support really cool attendee-driven stuff that makes MAGFest cool?

Introducing: Magfest Incubator.

We're offering 2 to 3 cool projects "Incubator status" at Magfest. If you think you have a really cool idea to bring to the table for MAGFest, apply below. If your idea is selected, you'll get resources/support from us to help make your vision a reality.

Resources from us might include:
- staff/logistical support
- budget to make your idea happen
- a public room at the venue to host your idea.

A lot of good ideas at Magfest have started with people approaching us and taking the lead on projects that would be cool. Jamspace is a good example, it started with Magfest simply providing a room and no budget to be used for musicians jamming, and was awesome enough that it continues to be a Magfest staple to this day.

Incubator projects, done right, might be able to become permanent parts of Magfest. It's up to you guys.

Submission hints:
- Be specific and thorough in your application
- The cooler the project is, and the less burden the project is on Magfest in terms of resources, the more likely it is we will select it
- Bring a crew to staff your project. If you need people to watch a room, it'll be great if your own crew can help you run the room.
- Unless a proposal is wildly compelling, incubator projects in general aren't getting large budget on their first year. (Think a couple hundred dollars, max.)

If this sounds like your thing, please apply below and we'll check it out.

The Deadline for submission for projects for is September 15th. We'll notify everyone after that (or, possibly sooner) what the status of your project is.

If you have any additional questions, please hit us up on the Contact Us form on our website and we'll get back to you quickly.

NOTE: This form is not for panel suggestions/submissions. If you want to run a panel, please apply using the Panel Submission form on the website. This form is also not for feedback on Magfest or band applications. For those, please use the Contact Us form on the website.

Good luck!
- The Magfest Crew

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