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Hi Mamma, thank you so much for your interest in the Mamma Kind huddle.

This form will take on average 15-25 minutes to complete. This form is here to help us to recruit a good mix of participants, to understand where you are with your motherhood journey, and what you'd like to get out of the programme.

Let's start by grabbing a cuppa, find a quiet space and get comfortable before starting the process.

Tip: take your time and remember that the form won't save if you close the window, so save your answers elsewhere if you want to come back to it ;)
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Section 1: About You
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Section 2: Your Huddle aims
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This question frames what you want to explore in the 'Mamma Kind' huddle.  It needs to guide you and keep you interested but it doesn't need to be too long or complicated. For example 'How can I be kind to myself in moments when I experience heightened negative emotions?' or 'How can I 'do' less, and 'be' more as I return to work?' 
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Outline three aims for your huddle
Your aims refer to new understanding, skills or mindsets you might want to deepen. For example 'I will develop an understanding of the ways that I need to nourish myself' or 'I aim to develop new daily habits that give me joy' or 'I aim to find more balance between my time and baby time.'
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Describe the tangible deliverable/s you hope to produce *
Huddles are focused on project-based learning, supporting you to make something tangible that celebrates what you've learned. We’ll keep things simple for our huddle, because ‘being’ over ‘doing’ is the vibe. Here is what the wonderful ‘Father Figures’ made at the end their huddle. And in Rebecca's last marathon the group recorded some simple conversations about their learning journeys. You can hear Rebecca's output here- under ‘Ritual and Connection.’ There is no pressure, but here is a place that you can note down any ideas that you might have. Ideas could include a piece of writing, art, craft, new habits, or a recording.
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You understand that: *
This Huddle is a peer-to-peer programme which means participants take on shared responsibility for the huddle. Our research shows that the peer led element is the most beneficial part of the huddle but there will never be any pressure. Rachel will be your facilitator/coach and cheerleader. She won’t be the expert, the leader, or the teacher.The group will be responsible for running the huddle together.

Rachel will guide your journey and help you to make the most of this opportunity. The more participants contribute to the collective the more value there is available to everyone.

You will form supportive connections on this huddle, but you understand that you take ultimate responsibility for looking after yourself on this journey, and have enough support in place. This huddle theme is personal. This might mean you will need to source extra support if things come up that sit beyond the boundaries of what the Huddle can provide. These things might look like therapy, coaching, HR advice, or alternative therapies but could take lots of other forms depending on your circumstances. 

Section 3: Your background and experience
How would you describe your motherhood journey so far? (3 words) *
What key lessons have your learnt the most about yourself? (up to 3 examples, max 100 words)
Please tell us about the kind of mother you want to be (max 100 words) *
What's stopping or challenging right now? (max 100 words) *
Please provide a link to learn more about you
It can be your LinkedIn profile, social media, personal website 
Section 4: Investment
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