SOIL GrassRoots Academy
Yoga Class with Yogi Logi.Thank you for your interest in SOIL Grassroots Academy. We look forward to offering and sharing this fun interactive activity, with your children. Our exciting, hands-on approach to foster your child’s cultural identity, provides an educationally unique opportunity to advocate for “Yogi Logi's Yoga”. By conducting this exciting, thematic, and engaging program, we are promoting discoveries and activities that speak the power developing a positive self image through evoking mindfulness and concentration by being good listeners.

The cost is $5 for members
$7 for non-members
$10 for drop-ins

These costs cover your reservation fee, instruction, and yoga mat.

Register now or pay via PayPal at:

***Please fill out the information below to give us more information about the participation of your child.

Dear Parents,

The SOIL GrassRoots Academy will be hosting in an interactive yoga class - Every 3rd Friday to advocate for “Culturally Centered Homeschooling”. This program brings fun hands on activities and demonstrations that allow your child to explore healthy self concepts and positive communication skills in a diverse, wellness centered environment.

Our monthly program consists of a 45 min yoga class at I Knead Your Body private studio. Each session will be recorded and uploaded to our private MEMBERS ONLY group.

Please sign this permission slip to participate in the mentioned activity to ensure your child's place in the class.

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***Media Release:
By signing this form, you give us permission to photograph and publish your child participating in classes and/or activities hosted by SOIL GrassRoots Academy and The InTune Mother Project. Ask about how your child or school can participate in our other programs i.e., African Drumming, Literacy Theatre, or join our Culturally Centered Homeschool/Unschool platform at
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