Summer Camp Code Word Entry Form
Enter the Code Word mentioned in each session of Summer Camp for a chance to win that day’s prize. Enter four of the eight code words to be entered in the grand prize drawing for a one year subscription to the Good Clean Fiber club of your choice. Entries will be collected until noon Pacific time on Monday, June 22. Please note: email address, name, and zip code are required to eliminate multiple entries by the same person.
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Saturday, June 13 - Virtu-Wool Fiber Festival - Prize: 8 ounces of Coopworth fleece from Good Clean Fiber
Sunday, June 14 - Maker on Maker: Maggie Casey - Prize - 4 ounces of Good Clean Fiber from a Colorado producer
Monday, June 15 - Fleece of Oregon and Colorado - 4 ounces of Bond fleece from Good Clean Fiber from a Colorado producer
Tuesday, June 16 - Getting the Most out of Your Drum Carder - Cherry Flicker
Wednesday, June 17 - Maker on Maker: Jacey Boggs-Faulkner - 4 ounces of Corriedale fleece from Good Clean Fiber and the Corriedale/Bond Issue of PLY Magazine
Thursday, June 18 - Shave ‘Em 2 Save ‘Em - 4 ounces of Tunis fleece from Good Clean Fiber
Friday, June 19 - Maker on Maker: Judith MacKenzie - 4 ounces of Shetland fleece from Good Clean Fiber
Saturday, June 20 - Broken, Tender, and Dirty Fleece - Walnut Flicker
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