Party Fowl - 2017
Here is the Registration for Party Fowl 2017! It is a one-day Indoor Ultimate Hat Tournament on Saturday, November 18th. It is from 3PM - 9PM. Games will start promptly at 3 so be there before. The Tournament will be held at SCOR. SCOR has food and adult beverages onsite.

The Indoor game is a little different. It uses Continuous play. Here is a short synopsis:
Continuous play means the Ultimate never stops! The pull at the beginning of the game and after half are the only of the game. Once a team scores, the scoring player drops the disc in the end zone and immediately goes on defense while the team that was scored on, goes immediately to offense. Teams field 5 players; a 2:3 ratio. Substitutions can occur at any time by having an on field player hi-five a sideline player in the identified substitution box (sideline near center of field). Because there is continuous play, games run for 20 minutes, with a very short half.

More about Indoor play:

Baggage is allowed but has to be approved. Here is a link to the Baggage Policy:

The cost is $35 and Payment must be made via PayPal to

Payment Link:

We are also partnering with Savage, and raising Money and Toys for Tots. If you want to bring a $5 toy that would be GREAT! If you would like to donate via this link, we will do the buying for you!:

Make sure in the payment notes you include your name and Party Fowl. You will not be counted as registered until you are paid.

There could be a cutoff for participation if there is a lot of interest so register early!

This is a fun fast paced Afternoon/Evening of Ultimate. There will be swag there for sale!

-Richmond Ultimate

Questions or Payment Issues? Please contact:

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