Survey: What Does Tiered Re-opening/Closing Look Like in the Pandemic of 2020?
Survey for the hospital-practice acupuncturist community. Date started: 06.01.2020
Goal: learn what current questions and concerns the community has on this topic, have experienced colleagues share their wisdom and "lessons learned".

Suspense date (respond by): 07.31.2020 to have your information included in the first discussion draft.You can edit your answers at any time while this survey is open. We estimate we can collect a draft of answers as often as monthly.

Leads for this Survey (all-volunteer):
Susan Veleber
Megan Kingsley Gale

Who to contact for questions or more information:
Megan Kingsley Gale, The Hospital Practice Handbook Project

When you have SOPs you can share with the community please email us at:

More resources are available at this online resource:
Preparing for Tiered Re-Opening/Closing during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Wisdom-share Survey
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What organization or facility do you work at? List the organization's name and location where you work. For example, Hospital system "ABC Health" of City, Missouri. (optional)
Is your clinical work inpatient care or outpatient clinic? *
What specialty or department do you work in? *
How long (months, years) have you been working in hospital-based practice? *
Did your clinic close in 2020 as related to the COVID-19 pandemic? *
If it closed, what did "closure" look like? For example, were you furloughed without pay, laid off, paid remote work (telehealth, projects, etc.)?
How long (weeks/months) was/is it closed?
If your workplace/clinical care closed, what date did you re-open for clinical care (telehealth or in-person care)?
What does your "phased re-opening" look like? In your phased re-opening, what are your remote work options? *
In your phased re-opening, what does return to in-person clinical care look like? (patient screening, personnel screening, access to testing, PPE supplies, telehealth, spacing clinical treatments, extra cleaning, new infection control protocols, outpatient vs. inpatient) *
What are your PPE requirements? *
What are your screening guidelines for patients before they come in for in-person clinical care? *
What are your current infection control guidelines? (front desk plastic barrier and floors marked for spacing, propping non-fire doors, location for patient items, mask-wearing for patients, reducing # of patient guests, more time space in clinic schedule to allow for all the extra cleaning and ventilation requirements...) *
Do you have telehealth available as part of your services? *
Did you have a telehealth program before the pandemic? If yes, how has it changed since the pandemic? *
Telehealth. Right now, what % of your time (% of week or % of your day) is spent in telehealth (visits, documentation, training, etc)? *
Do you have metrics in place to be able to measure some of the changes implemented? If yes, please note what metrics you are using in the next question. *
What metrics are you using? (clinical outcomes, personnel metrics, etc)
What are your questions and concerns for the community on preparing for this? *
What are your "lessons learned" in this process that you would like to share? If you prefer to be anonymous in your advice, please say "anonymous". *
Do you have any standard operating procedures (SOPs) you would like to share that were helpful to you in preparing for this? If yes, you can contact me via email on how to share: *
Any other advice or questions related to the subject of preparing for Tiered/Phased Re-opening and remote work options during the pandemic? *
What topic would you like to see more information or resources on? (topic) *
What is your preferred way to receive that information? (pdf, blogpost, interview series, courses, newsletter, etc) *
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