2020 PTP Membership Data Drive
The public affairs committee is hosting a member data drive, updating our records to ensure we have the latest contact information to reach our members and benefactors. Please take a moment to complete the following survey (one survey per member). If you would prefer to share the information via phone, please contact Carol Charnock at membership@ptplayers.com, and we will record your information directly.
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When did you last renew your PTP membership?
The date does not need to be exact, make your best estimate. Don't worry about the exact day, just use the 1st as your standard answer (ex: 10/1/2020; 9/1/2020)
What areas of live theater interest you? (Select all that apply)
Do you play a musical instrument?
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If you answered yes above, list the instrument(s) you play and your years of experience
Ex: Trumpet - 2; Clarinet - 5; Bassoon -25
Are you interested in supporting building maintenance? If so, select all that apply.
Are you interested in serving on a volunteer committee? If so, select all the apply:
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