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Our Songsalive! Partnership Community is different than advertising or sponsoring us. Partnering with us means you can help Songsalive! with cross promotion, while we promote you, and this is reserved for those who cannot support us from a sponsorship basis based on financial hardship.
(See about sponsorship here:

 To be considered for the Songsalive! Partnership Community, it must be either a program, resource, product or organization that is songwriter-centric, and does not have an end date (must be evergreen). Plus you offer us something of equal or greater value.
In order to become a partner, you would need to agree to the following:
What we get:

a) Songsalive! members receive a discount to your service or product that is less than your normal retail price/fee (if money is involved*)

b) Songsalive! also takes a commission, as donation, of every sale. We recommend between 5-20% or a set fee you can account to us.

c) Songsalive! gets a unique affiliate url or website landing page that you create - where our members click on to access the discount and info of your service/product. You need to organize all of that for us and make our job easier. On your page that you create for us to click through to, you must be able to track the click-throughs to your site from ours, and then be able to provide us reports of sales.

d) You promote us on your website and in your newsletter promotions. You can either add our Songsalive! banner or at least our website link to the landing page you provide our members.

e) You take care of shipping inventory and you track sales. *You send us the commission on a regular basis. A log in control panel for us is even better, where we can see the revenue created (but not essential)

f) Provide us with 1 free demo/copy of the product, service or membership so we can test it, know it to promote it, and use it for one of our staff.

What you get:

You gain key promotion and advertising through Songsalive!, and at the same time support Songsalive!'s mission as a non-profit organization, by providing discounts to our members, and/or donations to our organization.

- When you join our Partner Program, you would be listed in our PARTNER Topic - an exclusive Pro Member only section  within our Backstage, where members can take advantage of the opportunities you are providing.

- Promoted as Spotlighted Partner to all our members and subscribers (16,000+) through our Songnotes newsletter, blog, and our social networks.
Contributing to an altruistic non-profit 501c.3) public benefit corporation. This is a great asset to your business plan.

If you feel that you cannot contribute to our members and organization as above, and are looking for plain ol' promotion, we encourage you to become a Sponsor or Advertiser instead.

Fill in the form below. Please allow 3 weeks for processing. As a reminder, please email us to  after you've filled out this form to let us know you've done it! (Just a quick email saying "I've filled out the Partner Program Form".

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Additional information to access the discount
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Do you agree to the conditions at *
What you get, what we get, etc...
If amending the conditions, please detail
Have you sent the one (1) demo to head office? *
See the opening paragraph for details
How will you report to Songsalive! regarding tracking and payments? *
please detail very carefully including any log in urls for our head office, or payment schedules, etc.
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