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Please complete this form and return it along with your resume, work sample and $20 non-refundable application fee by APRIL 27th, 2018. Here is the link for payment: http://bit.ly/2mVpkcG Please email indyldn@artsproject.ca with application questions.

LDN Convergence is a new project delivered by The Arts Project (TAP). This is a full-time two week residency happening July 2nd - July 15th 2018. Week one will be 10am - 5pm, and week two will expand into the evening as needed. If selected, you will receive a detailed schedule.

First... some definitions
It is important that you know the different elements of the LDN Convergence.
Why "Convergence"?
TAP's mission is to transform our community by providing a central hub for emerging artists in all disciplines, where the provision of quality facilities and innovative programs allows passions to be nourished, creators to be mentored, and barriers to creativity to be overcome.

LDN Convergence at TAP is inspired by and supported by a network of other convergences, which began with the Indy Convergence in Indianapolis. The Indy Convergence started between three artists while working at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in 2007. At the close of the season, the trio wanted to provide a safe place to create and experiment without fear of failure, to develop their teaching skills for a broader audience, and to collaborate more successfully across disciplines. They decided to meet once a year to work on interdisciplinary projects. The idea was simple, half local, half out of town artists would “converge” on Indianapolis for two weeks. The Indy Convergence developed a special way of taking artistic projects to their next step by fostering an immersive, collaborative, process driven environment that allows artists to experiment freely with no pressure to produce polished projects. TAP is proud to have received the support of the original Indy Convergence, beginning to grow the roots of this concept in London, Ontario.

What's Different in LDN?
In our first year, we're focusing local. Our goal in this first year is to build bridges between London's different art scenes, and in doing so, lay the groundwork so that in future years we can invite in even broader participation.

As this is the first LDN Convergence, we will only be accepting 6 Convergers from London and area.

LDN Convergence Definitions
Umbrella Project
This is the only project in which all convergers participate to contribute to a final presentation. Participants will be asked to develop a project that will incorporate the various talents of every converger. All participants contribute to the creation of this wholly inclusive interdisciplinary work. A mentor will be provided to help shape and support this collaborative creation.
Side Project
These projects are usually genre specific, but we encourage applicants to think of ways to use artists from other backgrounds. The idea of a Side Project is to help the artist take an idea that needs help reaching the “next step”. Whatever your next step is, the LDN Convergence is designed to provide the artists, feedback and support for you to develop your work at a professional level.

It is important when creating your Side Project to keep in mind the time limitations for production. Each project should expect eight hours of creation. Also, please note that you can present part or all of your project at the Open Lab Presentations on the last day. This is our informal presentation of the work created during the LDN Convergence. Audience expectations are to see projects that are works in progress. The focus during this two-week Convergence is on process, not necessarily the product at the conclusion of the two weeks. We hope that what you learn and distill during the LDN Convergence will inform your work once you return home.

Morning Warm-Up
Each participant will lead the group in a morning warm-up. This can be anything: movement; vocal exercises; creative writing. Morning warm-ups are a way for the group to get ready to work. It is also a chance for each participant to share some of their expertise with only their fellow convergers.
Every participant in the LDN Convergence is welcome to teach a workshop in their area of expertise. Teaching a workshop is encouraged, but not mandatory. Additional workshops will be taught by other artists in the community. All participants are required to attend every workshop and encouraged to use the new skills and techniques in their Side Projects. We feel it is an artist’s responsibility to develop the ability to share their passion and craft with a wide range of people. If you are new to teaching we’ll gladly help you create a lesson plan before arriving at LDN Convergence. Teach what you know best and love most about what you do in the arts. Just a few examples of past workshops at other convergences include Theatre Sustainability, Karate, Aerial Dance, Puppetry, Social Media for Non-Profits, and Improvisatory Singing. Workshops are open not only to the participants in LDN Convergence, but also to the general public, as an opportunity for us to share and educate a broader audience.
Open Lab Presentation
An audience is the final tool we provide you at the LDN Convergence. This is an informal presentation held on the last day. The projects are presented as works in progress and our audience knows this. The Open Lab is to simply give you, the artist, an opportunity to see your work in front of a group of people and to provide a useful sense of urgency to your creative process. The audience is encouraged to engage with the artists following the presentations so you can receive immediate feedback.
All applications are confidential.
Still have questions? Call us at 226-919-4995 or email indyldn@artsproject.ca
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